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The Affordable Care Act & Why We Still Need Private Care

By Justin Farmer on Apr 8, 2015 2:01:50 PM

It’s no secret that the impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can create a nasty minefield for physical therapists and other providers in private practice to navigate. In the attempt to universalize healthcare and reduce costs generated by the ACA, the federal government incentivized provider clumping. Hospitals, Affordable Care Organizations (ACOs), and private networks can more easily offset the accruing losses, pad that 90-day no-pay grace period, and afford the mandatory conversion to electronic medical records. So why, oh why would a physical therapist want to remain in private care?

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6 Reasons Your Private Practice Is Worth More Than You Think

By Justin Farmer on Jan 23, 2015 4:00:27 AM

If you’re thinking of selling your private practice, one of your primary concerns likely has to do with its value. How much is your private practice worth? What can you really make by selling it? And is that monetary gain going to outweigh the hassle? You’ve heard the horror stories about failed negotiations, missing paperwork, and flaky buyers. So before you start your private firm valuation or just quietly pack your things, consider these six, often overlooked reasons why your business is worth more than you think.

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