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Retaining Clients When Buying an Accounting Practice

By Private Practice Transitions on Sep 11, 2023 7:25:26 AM

Client retention is critical to the success of an accounting firm after a purchase or a merger with new ownership. We offer tips for retaining clients when buying an accounting practice.

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Keeping Key Staff After an Accounting Practice Purchase

By Private Practice Transitions on Sep 6, 2023 7:37:55 AM

The staff is one of the most important variables in the transition of an accounting practice, or any private practice, from previous to new ownership. Below, we’ll explore the benefits of staff retention and offer strategies for keeping key staff after an accounting practice purchase.

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What Is EBITDA & Why Is It Critical for Business Valuation?

By Private Practice Transitions on Aug 7, 2023 7:43:47 AM

Knowing how to accurately calculate a business’s EBITDA is one of the most important factors when buying or selling a business. But what does EBITDA mean, and why is it critical for business valuation? We answer those questions and more in our guide to EBITDA valuations below.

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Key Steps To Take After Purchasing an Accounting Business

By Justin Farmer on Jun 15, 2023 7:01:37 AM

The first few days, weeks, and months after buying an accounting business can worry many as new owners try to find their footing, and old employees worry about stability. Below, we offer some guidance on key steps new owners should take after purchasing an accounting business.

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Avoiding Common Tax Pitfalls When Selling a Private Practice

By Private Practice Transitions on Jun 1, 2023 8:53:25 AM

Tax exposure is one of the biggest considerations when selling a business, such as a private practice. Below, we’ll discuss some key tax elements sellers should know when selling a private practice, including how to avoid common tax pitfalls.

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What Is Your Business Worth? 6 Rules of Thumb To Consider

By Justin Farmer on Nov 22, 2016 1:20:25 AM

I work with extremely successful and exceptionally bright professionals who, after years of hard work, have grown a business that has going concern. But like most savvy business owners, my clients come to realize that it is time to transition and “pass the baton”, so to speak, to a younger professional who can carry the business into the next generation. But selling a business is a lot of work. And certainly selling a professional service business must be harder (or so many of my clients think). Then the question remains: is it worth it? The short answer: absolutely. Sure, there are countless moving parts and factors to consider when selling a business. But with the proper planning and team in place, you can maximize your return on investment. In fact, your business may be worth even more than you think. And, fortunately, there are several rules of thumb for selling a business that you can consider. 

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